Agency: Ufoadv


Thanks to the appreciation of the GreigeTone collection, Eiffelgres extends Mauro Bellei’s Tone Programme with LandStone, a new collection with his name underlining its clear link with earth and nature. The two collections are enriched with numerous décor pieces and trims. Land, meaning earth. Not the planet, but the friable material, in a variety of different colors, that makes up the surface layer of the earth’s crust. Lands, meaning a set of different lands. Which often vary considerably in their mineral composition. Land meaning art. And specifically an artistic current that flourished in the 1960s: Land Art, an extraordinary movement that reinterpreted uncontaminated natural spaces such as deserts or lakes through the pioneering work of artists like Robert Smithson, Michael Heizer, Richard Serra or Dennis Oppenheim. Land as an environment linked with nature. LandStone aims to interweave earth and architecture. It presents the same structure and range of hues as GreigeTone, and can therefore be easily interwoven with it. LandStone includes a variety of different tones forming a wave-like colour scale.